Bonus: Unwinding with a Podcast

Alexandra Holden, CRSJ Intern - Summer 2019
Unwind with one of the legal or law-related podcasts below.

Unwind with one of the legal or law-related podcasts below.

Whether stepping away from a long day in court or in the classroom, lawyers and lawyers-to-be should remember to unwind and practice self-care. Of course, if you’re dedicating your entire career to the law, it can be difficult to disconnect. While that may be difficult as dedicated legal professionals, we have gathered a collection of podcasts and blogs, all with some underlying legal theme. We’ve broken them down into the categories of people who might find these resources useful (and relaxing). Don’t be afraid of venturing into other categories. You never know what helpful or inspiring tidbit you might find. Some are educational, some are entertaining, but all will leave you wishing that your commute home was just a little bit longer.

For Pre-Law Students

If you’re considering going to law school, there are so many variables to consider. Whether it’s deciding if law school is right for you, determining how you can best study for the LSAT, or weighing acceptances and financial aid packages, these podcasts help with all of it.

Law School Toolbox Podcast

Self-described “opinionated law school and bar exam experts” Alison Monahan and Lee Burgess are two women helping you navigate your way from deciding that you want to go to law school through building professional skills at the beginning of your legal career. Episodes are broken down into milestones, and we recommend starting with “Episode 74: Should You Go to Law School?”

Thinking Like a Lawyer Podcast

Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice run Above the Law’s Thinking like a Lawyer, a podcast that blends current events with legitimately helpful advice. Their witty banter covers everything from human rights violations in videogames to helping listeners decide which law school offer to take, so there is something for listeners at every stage of their law school career. For some thought-provoking discussions on the “rich” versus the “wealthy”, and an introduction to the hosts’ great sense of humor, we recommend starting with their May 19, 2019 episode, “Giving It The Old College Scam Try.

For Law Students

Before the Bar - ABA for Law Students Podcast

This is not just a shameless plug for the work of the ABA Law Student Division. The Before the Bar series tackles real issues that law students face, from depression and self-care, to deciding which summer associate program you should participate in. While their episodes often discuss looking ahead to your future career, they don’t discount the agency and opportunities you have while still in law school. Tune into their episode, “Cultural Competency: How to Handle Bias and Develop Understanding.” 

Other podcasts offered by the ABA include Gavel Talks and GPSolo.

Petty Politics Podcast

Sponsored by the Harvard Black Law Students Association, law students Brie and Cam discuss everything from the latest law and policy to pop culture trends. Although they have already graduated and ended their podcast, their archives are still full of great advice on how to navigate law school and social justice activism as a minority. We recommend starting with their episode, “Law School Admissions 101 E4: Underrepresented Minorities & Code Switching.” 

For Young Lawyers

I am the Law Podcast

If you aren’t sure exactly which kind of law you want to practice after passing the bar, listen to I am the Law. Hosted by Deborah Merritt, Kimber Russell, and Aaron Tyler, this podcast focuses each episode on a different field within the legal career. They interview real lawyers practicing within these fields, asking what brought them to that field and what keeps them in it. Among the 41 episodes spanning everything from Big Firms to Public Defender interviews, try starting with “Episode 27: Environmental Advocacy (FL/NY): Staying Afloat to Pursue Your Passion [Non-Profit].”

The Gen Why Lawyer Podcast

Hosted by Nicole Abboud and Karima Gulick, this weekly podcast offers a millennial’s view of the legal career. They describe their podcast as “your reminder to never settle and always go after what you really want in life.” Their episodes offer all kinds of advice on how to build your name and brand as a young lawyer, without forgetting to ask “why?” you’re doing it in the first place. Begin with Episode 194, “LinkedIn: From Sleepy Town to Powerhouse Brand Building Tool with Nancy Myrland.” 

For Seasoned Lawyers

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast

Host J. Craig Williams looks at relevant, contemporary news from a legal perspective by interviewing and debating with industry professionals. With two episodes each month, Williams stays on top of the biggest news events and helps break down their legal significance. This podcast provides a way to continue thinking about the law, but with the relative mental ease of listening to the news. We suggest starting with their May 17, 2018 episode, “The Golden State Killer, Genealogical Sites & Privacy.” 

Modern Law Library Podcast

We all know the legal profession can become extremely tiresome and, at times, tedious. Lee Rawles of the Modern Law Library helps shake things up a little bit by introducing listeners to some of the wackier laws still on the books. Of course, some of Rawles’ episodes also focus on how the seriousness of archaic laws, forcing listeners to wonder why we still have them. A good starting point might be their June 19, 2019 episode, “How to Become a Federal Criminal.” 

For People Who Just Like the Law

Life of the Law Podcast

Life of the Law offers over 100 episodes (with supplemental readings) which dive into the laws covered in the news. The episodes are investigative reports, uncovering the lesser-known laws currently guiding news and politics. The instrumental supplemental readings also provide the data and legislative foundation for much of the research discussed in the episodes. Their November 28, 2017 episode, “The Battle Over Your Right to Vote,” is a fantastic place to start. 


The only blog featured in this installment, www.Scotusblog.com is a top recommendation for anyone even remotely interested in the Supreme Court decisions being decided. The blog is broken down into latest news, this week at the court, and statistical snapshots. It also offers plain English versions of many SCOTUS cases, making them more widely accessible. Whether you are an avid consumer of SCOTUS decisions, or have never read one before, there is something for everyone on this blog.