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Summer 2011 - Perceptions of Punishment




Sometimes the Cure Is Worse Than the Disease: The One-Way White-Collar Sentencing Ratchet

The U.S. Sentencing Commission has been hard at work since 1987 amending the sentencing guidelines to narrow the disparity between white-collar offenses and such crimes as those involving violence, stealing, and firearms. While lessening the disparity between white-collar and blue-collar crime is a good thing, there is still an unhesitating and excessive use of incarceration as a remedy for crime.


Double-Edged Paring Knives: Human Rights Dilemmas for Special Populations

The U.S. incarceration crisis has focused increasing attention on the problems of special populations in corrections: women, LGBT prisoners, juveniles, the elderly, and the mentally ill. ABA policy, including the Standards on the Treatment of Prisoners, attempts to protect the health and safety of these groups. However, such reform measures are not wholly uncontroversial, even among human rights advocates.