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April 01, 2000

South African Institute of Race Relations - Human Rights Magazine, Spring 2000

South African Institute of Race Relations

The South African Institute of Race Relations was established in 1929 as the first "anti-Apartheid" organization in the country. Its mission is to serve both its members and the country at large by helping to make South Africa the political and economic success story of the continent.

The Institute believes such a success story must be based on:
(1) Respect for individual rights;
(2) The rule of law;
(3) Democratic governance, limited in scope but effective in impact;
(4) Free enterprise;
(5) The creation of opportunities for the poor; and
(6) Racial goodwill.

Its watchwords, for seventy years, have been, truthfulness, vigilance, and excellence.

Without fear or favor to any political party, it seeks to promote South Africa's success and work against whatever is calculated to undermine it.

The Institute's main focus is research and information services. Its annual South Africa Survey is an internationally acclaimed yearbook on living conditions, population, education, politics, labor, business, the economy, health, welfare, and crime. Every month, it also publishes Fast Facts, providing the latest macroeconomic and key socioeconomic statistics, together with succinct analyses of pending legislation and other important developments and trends. Frontiers of Freedom is published quarterly and is South Africa's leading journal of classic liberal opinion. It seeks to promote the idea that the alternative to Apartheid is not another form of social engineering but a free and open society. It also focuses particularly on how policy affects the poorest citizens.

Spotlights and Issue Alerts, also published by the Institute, provide more detailed analyses of topical or public policy issues, together with the Institute's research into ways and means of dealing with pressing current problems, such as crime and unemployment.

For more information, see the Institute's Website at