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Spring 2000

Volume 27 No. 2   April 2000


Another Attempt to Heal the Wounds of the Holocaust - Human Rights Magazine, Spring 2000

In October 1942, Elsa Iwanowa, then seventeen, was abducted by Nazi troops from her hometown of Rostov, Russia, and transported to Germany with approximately 2,000 other children as young as fourteen years of age. She was initially taken to Wuppertal, Germany, where she was literally purchased, along with thirty-eight other children from Rostov, by a representative of Ford Werke AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company.

The Legal Basis of the Claim for Slavery Reparations - Human Rights Magazine, Spring 2000

"Reparation," according to the Shorter Oxford Dictionary, means "the action of making amends for a wrong done; amends; compensation." In international law, it means that when a country has committed an international crime such as the invasion of another country or the genocide of a people, it must make amends to the victims, including the descendants of the original victims who still suffer from the consequences of the crime.