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May 21, 2021

2019 Winter Committee Corner

  1. With increasing discourse around criminal justice issues, members can participate in knowledgeable discussions and debate around criminal justice reform.
  2. Committee members can take the knowledge they have received from the committee into their respective professions and raise awareness on criminal justice issues.
  3. Committee members can contribute in the development of ABA criminal justice policies and ensure that appropriate policies are being enacted to reform the criminal justice system.
  4. For law students, being able to ask questions of committee members about what classes to take, what to study, and what it’s like to be a lawyer in this field is invaluable.
  5. For those seeking leadership opportunities, the Criminal Justice Committee provides a space for members to take lead on projects, proposals and programs focused on criminal justice issues.
  6. Members are able to take direct action through development of free webinars, commentary, podcasts, social media posts, and other actions that promote the committee’s goals.
  7. Members can increase their connections with a diverse group of practitioners who bring broad expertise to criminal justice issues.

Contact Committee Leaders

Carmen Daugherty – Co-Chair, Criminal Justice Committee – Contact

Megan M. Downing – Co-Chair, Criminal Justice Committee – Contact

Stephen F. Hanlon – Vice Chair, Criminal Justice Committee – Contact