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September 01, 2018

2018 Fall Committee Corner

  1. We need committee members with diverse backgrounds and specialties be a part of the important national conversation about privacy and data protection and to help shape meaningful policy for both the private and public sectors. 
  2. Committee members can use their understanding of privacy and information protection laws to help educate others on cutting-edge issues facing Americans, like searches of cell phones and location data (Carpenter vs. United States), or what is happening with Facebook and Google.
  3. The Committee needs help tackling important issues concerning the impact of social media, connected vehicles, privacy on the internet, use of encryption, searches at the border, and oversight of new surveillance tools. We are in the middle of a huge international debate over our right to privacy in the digital age. 
  4. Our society has become increasingly interconnected and this presents new personal and national security issues that need to be addressed. 
  5. Being well-versed in privacy law can give members a heads up in a burgeoning area of law; corporate clients need advice on their rights and responsibilities when handling sensitive customer information.  
  6. Committee members will have many opportunities to learn and participate meaningfully in the debate over consumer protection in the digital age.
  7. Law students who join will have the opportunity to hear from leaders in the field and get advice about what classes to take, what to focus on, and gain invaluable insight into what it is like to be a lawyer in this field.
  8. With the development of new technologies like Smart Homes, Smart Devices, and other IoT technologies, it’s easier to intentionally or unintentionally share data. Raising awareness and educating the public is a priority of the committee.

Contact Committee Leaders

Alan Butler – Senior Counsel, EPIC; Chair, Privacy and Information Protection Committee - [email protected]

Hyunjin Eugene "Gene" Cho – Vice-Chair, Privacy and Information Protection Committee - [email protected]

Mark I Schickman– Of Counsel, Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP; Special Advisor, Privacy and Information Protection Committee - [email protected]