September 04, 2020



The AIDS Coordinating Committee works to raise awareness about legal issues related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic among the bench, bar, and public. Below you will find a variety of resources produced by the Committee and others in the field of HIV/AIDS law.

"HIV/AIDS and the Rule of Law: Rights Here, Right Now" focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic in the United States and the legal issues it raises.  The issue features articles from leading experts in the field, including the Committee Chair Shelley D. Hayes, Dr. Julio Montaner, and Richard A. Wilson.

The American Bar Association Directory of Legal Services for People with HIV/AIDS is an invaluable resource for people with HIV and AIDS seeking legal assistance for their HIV/AIDS-related legal problems.

The Directory is intended to serve at least three primary purposes: first and foremost, to assist persons affected by HIV or AIDS who are seeking legal services; second, to provide sources of information concerning how to develop pro bono programs focusing on legal issues related to the epidemic; and third, to be a resource for attorneys seeking to become involved with pro bono representation in these areas. Ultimately, our mission in publishing this directory has remained the same as it was in the first edition: to provide a crucial first step in ensuring that the legal needs of people affected by HIV and AIDS are met.

Answering the Call was the ABA Young Lawyers Division’s 2005-06 National Public Service Project, developed in cooperation with the ABA AIDS Coordinating Committee.  Answering the Call raised awareness of legal issues affecting people with HIV/AIDS and encouraged state and local bar affiliates and individual young lawyers alike to help address those issues, whether by establishing an HIV/AIDS pro bono program, participating in a local AIDS fundraiser, or contacting their local AIDS legal services organizations to learn about the organizations’ needs and provide assistance.


Message from Christina Plum, YLD Chair - Watch an Introduction to the Public Service Project from YLD Chair Christina Plum.

Answering the Call Video excerpt - View the opening sequence from the Answering the Call video.

Watch clips of mock HIV Legal Check-Ups
Mock 1 time 3:34 minutes
Mock 2 time 2:29 minutes
Mock 3 time 4:42 minutes

HIV Legal Check-Up - Download a copy of the written materials

Answering the Call: What Lawyers Can Do - Download a copy of Public Service Project brochure

For more than 20 years, the ABA has worked to raise the conscience of the bench, bar and public as it pertains to the legal issues raised by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in this country and around the globe.

Established in August 2002 and hosted by the Western New York Law Center, HIV-LEGAL is an independent, non-partisan ListServ of more than 300 lawyers, advocates, and others engaged in HIV/AIDS-related legal practice and/or policy development. Qualifying subscribers (approved by the ListServ administrator) post HIV/AIDS-related inquiries, case summaries and analyses, comments, announcements, references to resources, and other items of professional interest to colleagues on the list.