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March 22, 2021


HIV/AIDS Law & Practice Conference

On July 20-21, 2012, directly preceding the 2012 International AIDS Conference, the AIDS Coordinating Committee will hold its sixth bi-annual HIV/AIDS Law and Practice Conference.

HIV Testing Initiative


The ACC offered HIV testing at the 2011 ABA Midyear Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the first reported AIDS cases in the U.S., and will do so again at the 2011 Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada.


HIV Criminalization Hearings


On October 18, 2010, the Committee conducted a day-long, multi-disciplinary meeting to examine numerous issues concerning the criminalization of HIV transmission and non-disclosure.

National AIDS Strategy


For more than 20 years, the ABA has worked to raise the conscience of the bench, bar and public as it pertains to the legal issues raised by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in this country and around the globe. Read the Committee’s National AIDS Strategy.

Medical-Legal Partnership Initiative

In November 2006, AIDS Coordinating Committee Chair Shelley D. Hayes formed a working group to explore how the ABA might facilitate nationwide expansion of the Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) model, by which doctors and lawyers work together to identify and resolve diverse legal issues that affect patients' health.

Among other activities, the Working Group on Medical-Legal Partnership -- comprised of representatives from the Committee, the Health Law Section, the Center for Pro Bono, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, 's Medical-Legal Partnership for Children, , and LegalHealth based in -- developed an policy recommendation regarding the model. The ABA House of Delegates adopted the recommendation as official policy in August 2007.

Answering the Call: The AIDS Legal Services Initiative

Answering the Call is the ABA Young Lawyers Division’s 2005-06 National Public Service Project now carried on by the ABA AIDS Coordinating Committee. Answering the Call raises awareness of legal issues affecting people with HIV/AIDS and encourages state and local bar affiliates and individual young lawyers alike to help address those issues, whether by establishing an HIV/AIDS pro bono program, participating in a local AIDS fundraiser, or contacting their local AIDS legal services organizations to learn about the organizations’ needs and provide assistance.

Working in tandem with Answering the Call, the AIDS Legal Services Initiative seeks nationwide implementation of HIV Legal Check-Up, a diagnostic legal needs assessment program in which an attorney provides a brief consultation to identify the legal needs of someone living with HIV/AIDS and refers him/her to appropriate resources. HIV Legal Check-Up can be tailored to the needs of any community, be it a large urban setting with an existing AIDS legal services provider or a rural community with few resources for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Directory of Legal Resources for People with HIV/AIDS


The directory is intended to serve at least three primary purposes:

  • Assist persons affected by HIV or AIDS who are seeking legal services
  • Provide sources of information concerning how to develop pro bono programs focusing on legal issues related to the epidemic.
  • Be a resource for attorneys seeking to become involved with pro bono representation in these areas.

Our mission in publishing this directory is to provide a crucial first step in ensuring that the legal needs of people affected by HIV and AIDS are met.