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Past Recipients

Established by the American Bar Association to mark the HIV/AIDS Impact Project's (formerly the AIDS Coordinating Committee's) 25th anniversary. Alexander D. Forger's leadership in the early, most harrowing days of the AIDS epidemic in the United States was indispensable to establishing legal services for people with HIV or AIDS in New York, meeting their crucial needs for protection from discrimination and for planning responsibly for their then-inevitable demise. That leadership also helped spark the nascent HIV advocacy movement, which would become one of the most successful in U.S. history. By preventing people from HIV/AIDS from being forced 'underground' and thus beyond the reach of the public health community, that advocacy, both legal and political, was critical to slowing the spread of HIV in the United States. The award recognizes organizations and individuals whose commitment and effectiveness in the fight against HIV and AIDS reflects the spirit of Alexander D. Forger's advocacy.

Past Recipients

2012              Alexander D. Forger

2012              Scott Burris, Temple University Law School, Philadelphia

2012              Catherine Hanssens, Center for HIV Law & Policy, New York 

2012              Brad Sears, Founder, HIV Legal Checkup Project, Los Angeles

2012              AIDS Legal Referral Panel, San Francisco

2012              HIV/AIDS Legal Services Alliance (HALSA), Los Angeles

2012              AIDS Legal Council of Chicago

2012              HIV Law Project, New York

2012              Whitman Walker Clinic, Washington, D.C. 

2012              AIDS Law of Louisiana, New Orleans

2014              Hon. Chair Feldblum, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

2014              Carolyn McAllaster, Duke University School of Law

2014              David I. Schulman, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

2014              AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania

2014              Lambda Legal, New York

2016              AIDS Alabama

2016              Shelley D. Hayes, ABA AIDS Coordinating Committee

2016              Housing Works, New York

2016              Allison Nichol, The Center for HIV Law & Policy, New York

2016              UDC General Practice Clinic, Washington, D.C.

2016              Shelley D. Hayes, ABA AIDS Coordinating Committee

2016              David W. Webber, AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania

2018              Cathy Bowman, LGBT and HIV Unit, Legal Services NYC, Brooklyn

2018              Dan Bruner, Whitman-Walker Health

2018              Ronda Goldfein, AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania

2018              Hayley Gorenberg, Lambda Legal

2018              Allison Rice, Duke University School of Law