April 01, 2020

Prisoners on Death Row in the U.S.

Prisoners on Death Row in the United States

This is a list of prisoners on death row in the United States. You can use it to search for a specific death row inmate or to view information about different individuals in a state.

This list is editable as well as interactive. The American Bar Association is not responsible for the content that appears in this database and does not guarantee its accuracy.

If you find any incorrect, out-of-date or missing information, you can update it:

  • Click a prisoner’s name to view details.
  • Filter or sort the information by clicking any of the column headings. You can apply multiple filters by first filtering one column – such as state – and then filtering another column.
  • To find all death row prisoners in Texas, for instance, click on the “state” header then hit “filter this field.” Next, place “TX” in the “state that contains” box.
  • Resize a column by clicking-and-dragging the edge of the column heading. Alternatively, you can use the scrollbar at the bottom of the table to view obscured columns.
  • Click the page number at the bottom of the list to jump to another page.
  • Click any cell to update its data.
  • Click the “add row” button to add a prisoner missing from the table.

This information is syndicated and is available on a number of Web sites. Any changes made here will automatically update the list wherever it is displayed across the Web.