Section-Housed Projects


There are three Section-housed ABA projects: the HIV/AIDS Impact Project, the Death Penalty Due Process Review Project, and Bullyproof: An Anti-Bullying Initiative.

HIV Impact Project

The HIV Impact Project stands as the core of the Association's response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, developing HIV/AIDS-related policy recommendations for adoption by the ABA House of Delegates and, upon their adoption, advancing those policies through ABA-sponsored programs and projects.
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Death Penalty Due Process

The ABA Death Penalty Due Process Review Project (formerly known as the “Moratorium Implementation Project”) conducts research and educates the public and decision-makers on the operation of capital jurisdictions’ death penalty laws and processes in order to promote fairness and accuracy in death penalty systems, including promotion of the ABA’s 1997 supporting a suspension of executions.
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Bullyproof: An Anti-Bullying Initiative

The Sections project Bullyproof is a comprehensive initiative that provides education and resources to help empower ParentsEducatorsStudents, and Young Lawyers make bullying a thing of the past. 

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