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Section-Housed Projects


The Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice houses three ABA projects: the Death Penalty Due Process Review Project, the HIV/AIDS Impact Project, and the Court Watching Project, which is conducted with the ABA Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defense.

Court Watching Project

With certain very limited exceptions, each step of the judicial process is open to the public. Additionally, observers generally have a right to access to court documents, including pleadings, motions, verdict sheets, etc. The Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice and the Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defense have coordinated on a number of court watching efforts. These efforts have focused on misdemeanor and other low-level criminal and civil infraction courts. In conducting court watching, the Section and the Standing Committee measure existing practices against Constitutional standards and ABA policy. Click here to learn more.

Death Penalty Due Process Review Project

The ABA Death Penalty Due Process Review Project (formerly known as the “Moratorium Implementation Project”) conducts research and educates the public and decision-makers on the operation of capital jurisdictions’ death penalty laws and processes in order to promote fairness and accuracy in death penalty systems, including promotion of the ABA’s 1997 supporting a suspension of executions. 

Environmental Justice Task Force

The EJTF has jurisdiction over matters affecting how both the ABA and its member lawyers address issues related to environmental justice in their practices. As set forth in Resolution 513 among other things, advocating for legislation and policy, and working with all levels of government to establish environmental justice laws, regulations, guidelines, policies, and best practices that reflect the right of every human being to dignity and a clean and healthy environment.

HIV/AIDS Impact Project

The ABA HIV/AIDS Impact Project stands as the core of the Association's response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, developing HIV/AIDS-related policy recommendations for adoption by the ABA House of Delegates and, upon their adoption, advancing those policies through ABA-sponsored programs and projects. 

Bullyproof: An Anti-Bullying Initiative

The ABA Bullyproof: An Anti-Bullying Initiative is a collaborative and comprehensive public service project dedicated to ending bullying in this country through education and empowerment in our schools, profession, and legislature. We focus on three key areas: Educating school administrators, parents, and students; Education for lawyers; and Legislation.

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