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June 06, 2024 CHAIR CHAT

Episode 19: Nicole M. Phillips

This week's Chair Chat features a discussion with 2023-24 Section Chair, The George Washington University School of Law Distinguished Professorial Lecturer in Law, and Consultant Robin R. Runge and Haitian Bridge Alliance Legal Director Nicole M. Phillips about access to justice for Haitian women on the move. Watch the full chat below!

The content you are about to engage with contains explicit discussions about rape and sexual assault. These topics can be distressing and triggering for some individuals. Viewer discretion is advised. Your mental and emotional well-being are important. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, please consider pausing or discontinuing your engagement with this material.

If you or someone you know needs support, the following resources are available:

  1. National Sexual Assault Hotline (USA): 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
  2. Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741
  3. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network):

Please take care of yourself and seek support if needed.

During the 2023-24 Bar year, Section Chair Robin R. Runge will continue CRSJ's Chair Chat and host esteemed guests and colleagues for a bi-weekly (every other week) Chair Chat. Prominent CRSJ leadership, including past Section Chairs, will frequently be featured as guest hosts. This platform is designed to bring together legal scholars, advocates, thought leaders, and activists committed to fighting for social justice, protecting our democracy, and upholding the rule of law, and to share strategies for tackling the existing and emerging civil rights issues facing our country.

Guest Speaker


  • Robin R. Runge – Chair, ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice; Distinguished Professorial Lecturer in Law, The George Washington University Law School; Consultant


Haitian Bridge Alliance

WEBINAR | Monday, June 24  - 1:00p.m. - 2:30p.m. ET -  Rape as a War Crime: The Need to Respond to an Urgent Global Atrocity (CLE), featuring Nicole Phillips

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