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ABA Practitioner Survey Suggests Next Steps on AI

Survey Update

We wanted to share an initial teaser of some of the results from the survey; more is to come, including both publications and presentations. Also, our initial survey did a great job identifying areas where additional attention and training is required but was not as well-tailored to solutions to these problems. After reading our initial article, if any authors, institutions, or resources jump immediately to mind as well-suited to addressing the issues emphasized by the survey results, please let us know.

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About the Project

A.I. & Economic Justice

The Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice is spearheading an initiative to survey the legal community about the impact of AI and automated systems, particularly on low-income and other marginalized groups. In addition to general, catchall questions, the questionnaire includes specialized questions on activities in the following domains: automated systems, public benefits, criminal justice, consumer issues, data privacy, immigration, public education, public housing/benefits, and AI use and procurement.

About the Survey

The survey was designed to help us generate quantitative data that the Section can use to evaluate the degree to which A.I. systems are impacting lawyers and marginalized communities. At this time, the survey has now closed. We encourage you to check back for additional updates or reach out to [email protected] with questions.

Introducing the A.I. & Economic Justice Survey | A Webinar Tutorial

Now Available On-Demand

The ABA’s Civil Rights and Social Justice Section is proud to announce the release of its A.I. & Economic Justice Survey, a first-of-its-kind ABA research survey designed to identify the ways that A.I. and automation are impacting low-income and marginalized populations. Join the ABA’s A.I. & Economic Justice team to learn how this survey will inform future ABA training materials and policy projects involving A.I. and automation–and how you can take the survey yourself. This webinar includes introductory remarks by senior ABA members, a walk-through of the survey, and an open Q&A with the A.I. & Economic Justice team.

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We'd love to hear from you! If you have questions about the A.I. & Economic Justice Project, please reach out via email ([email protected]).

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