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Recent Section Sponsored Policy

2024 Annual Meeting (Louisville, KY)

Section Sponsored

24M504 (Alaska Amber Alert)

24M505 (Curriculum Bans)

24M506 (Deaths in Custody)

24M507 (EMTALA)

24M508 (Forced Outing in Schools)

24M509 (Commercial Spyware Abuse)

24M510 (Tribal Membership in Admission Processes)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 24M503 (genocide against the Rohingya)
  2. 24M603 (Disarm Hate Act)
  3. 24M604 (President’s Award for Civic Engagement (PACE))
  4. 24M605 (Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS))

2023 Annual Meeting (Denver, CO)

Section Sponsored

  1. 23A506 (Guardianship Bill of Rights)
  2. 23A507 (renter tax credit)
  3. 23A509 (FDA deference)
  4. 23A511 (Women’s Health Protection Act of 2023)
  5. 23A512 (racial discrimination in capital punishment)
  6. 23A513 (caste discrimination in the U.S.)
  7. 23A514 (full funding of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)
  8. 23A515 (book banning)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 23A500 (safety of election workers)
  2. 23A502 (Fourteen Principles contained in the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section 2023 Plea Bargain Task Force Report)
  3. 23A518 (tribal reserved water right claims)
  4. 23A521 (case assignment mechanisms)
  5. 23A603 (Ten Principles of a Public Defense Delivery System )
  6. 23A605 (Stop Institutional Child Abuse Act)
  7. 23A607 (Election Administration Guidelines and Commentary)

2023 Midyear Meeting (New Orleans, LA)

Section Sponsored

  1. 23M511 (intersex autonomy)
  2. 23M512 (individual healthcare decisions)
  3. 23M513 (right to travel)
  4. 23M514 (antisemitism)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 23M507 - (civil society actors)
  2. 23M600 - (dementia and the criminal justice system)
  3. 23M603 -  (firearms on campuses) 
  4. 23M605 - (“independent state legislature” theory) 
  5. 23M606 - (sexual orientation and gender identity bar exam questions)

2022 Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL)

Section Sponsored

  1. 22A503 (Offices of Equity)
  2. 22A504 (cyberstalking)
  3. 22A505 (RESPECT Act)
  4. 22A804 (opposes criminalization of abortion seekers)
  5. 22A805 (contraception)
  6. 22A806 (Respect for Marriage Act)
  7. 22A807 (opposes criminalization of abortion providers and helpers)
  8. 22A808 (vigilantism)
  9. 22A809 (personal reproductive and sexual health information protection)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 22A401 (Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander history curricula)
  2. 22A502 (de novo hearings for 10-year incarcerations)
  3. 22A602 (Election Administration Guidelines and Commentary)
  4. 22A603 (Principles on Effective Interviewing for Investigations and Information Gathering)
  5. 22A606 (racism in America's civil and criminal justice systems)
  6. 22A800 (gender-based violence prevention)
  7. 22A801 ("boyfriend," "stalking," and "ex parte" loopholes in firearms laws and regulations)
  8. 22A802 (civil rights cause of action and remedies for those subject to acts of gender-based violence)

2022 Midyear Meeting (Virtual)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 22M604 (youth homelessness)
  2. 22M605 (United Nations Security Council veto power restraint)
  3. 22M608 (kleptocracy)
  4. 22M609 (Title 42)
  5. 22M610 (actual and perceived racial bias, discrimination, and xenophobia in Immigration and Nationality Act)
  6. 22M611 (apportionment count and the Census)
  7. 22M612 (ABA Ten Guidelines for Residential Eviction Laws)
  8. 22M613 (children engagement in involved in dependency (child welfare) cases)
  9. 22M700 (refrain from the use of risk assessment tools and pretrial release evaluations)
  10. 22M801 (Electoral Count Act reform)

2021 Annual Meeting (Hybrid)

Section Sponsored

  1. 21A514 (urging adoption of federal and state hate crime legislation)
  2. 21A515 (LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum in publicly funded schools)
  3. 21A801 (Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative and the Truth and Healing Commission)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 21A102 (urges members of the legal profession to devote at least 20 hours each year to efforts that advance and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession)
  2. 21A503 (urging Congress to create and appropriate funds for a subcommittee of the Commission established by H.R. 40)
  3. 21A505 (minimum age of prosecution for children as juvenile delinquents to be age 14)
  4. 21A506 (ending the use of chemical agents on children and youth in juvenile and correctional facilities)
  5. 21A507 (opposing the use of private prisons)
  6. 21A513 (prioritizing environmental justice and the inclusion of communities of color, indigenous communities, low-income communities, and other vulnerable communities in decision-making and implementation processes as stakeholders)
  7. 21A601 (urging the federal government to eliminate the Medicaid bias favoring institutional settings by amending policies in order to mandate that states and territories implement home and community-based services under their Medicaid State Plans)
  8. 21A604 (adoption of the ABA Principles on Law Enforcement Body-Worn Camera Policies)
  9. 21A605 (urging jurisdictions to collect demographic data on judges and government attorneys to improve diversity in the profession)
  10. 21A606 (supporting the enactment of the Civics Secures Democracy Act and urging implementation of the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap)
  11. 21A607 (adoption of the updated principles for Approved Homeless Court Programs)
  12. 21A608 (urging the enactment of legislation to provide to all employees a living wage)
  13. 21A800 (urging Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to institute a review of the advisability and feasibility of phasing in size and design standards for nursing homes)

2021 Midyear Meeting (Virtual)

Section Sponsored

  1.  21M107A (decriminalization of pregnancy outcomes)
  2.  21M107B  (supporting voting procedure and the popular vote)
  3.  21M107C (HIV status should not disqualify from military service)
  4.  21M107D (United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 21M10F (urging officer training during traffic stops)
  2. 21M103B (recommending withdrawal of Attorney General opinions inconsistent with legal standards)
  3. 21M105 (allow menstrual products to Bar exams)
  4. 21M111 (prohibit firearms near voting stations)
  5. 21M112 (reinstate the 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule)
  6. 21M113 (include all Americans in the Census and congressional districts)

2020 Annual Meeting (Virtual)

Section Sponsored

  1. 20A116A (oversight in lethal force by law enforcement)
  2. 20A116B (fair lending laws)
  3. 20A116C (opposing laws discriminatory towards transgender and non-binary individuals)
  4. 20A116D (sanitary supplies and PPE for inmates)
  5. 20A116E (voting for pretrial detainees)
  6. 20A116G (implicit bias training for all legal professionals)
  7. 20A116H (opposing criminal disenfranchisement)
  8. 20A301A (curtail use of qualified immunity)
  9. 20A301B (establish Juneteenth as a holiday)
  10. 20A301C (opposing use of force by law enforcement in First Amendment activity)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 20A100B (banning racial discrimination on the basis of hair)
  2. 20A101 (adopting the American Bar Association Election Administration Guidelines and Commentary and urging election officials to do so)
  3. 20A103 (opposing use of restraints on preschool, elementary, and secondary children in schools)
  4. 20A110 (urging Veterans Affairs to remove regulatory barriers to full accreditation of Tribal Veterans Service Officers)
  5. 20A111B (opposing strip searches of youth)
  6. 20A113A (reauthorize VAWA)
  7. 20A113B (healthcare providers and patient consent for pelvic exams)
  8. 20A113C (adopting DOJ guidance from Identifying and Preventing Gender Bias in Law Enforcement Response to Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence and urging others to do so)
  9. 20A115 (urging legal professions to include individuals who were system-impacted in youth)
  10. 20A300A (opposing disinformation in voting)
  11. 20A300B (urging digital literacy to prevent disinformation operations)

2020 Midyear Meeting (Austin, TX)

Section Sponsored

  1. 20M112 (remove voting barriers for indigenous individuals)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 20M10A (urging data collection and redress of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women)
  2. 20M10D (allow habeas corpus individuals to bring a civil rights claim pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983)
  3. 20M107A (outlaw transfer of firearms without background checks)
  4. 20M107B (supporting background checks)
  5. 20M107C (urging for defined requirements of storing firearms) 
  6. 20M108 (voter pre-registration for eligible 16-18 year-olds)
  7. 20M114 (allow alternative address for voter registration)
  8. 20M116 (VAWA reauthorization and prosecution of crimes against indigenous women)
  9. 20M118 (secure elections by funding National Institute of Standards and Technology)

2019 Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA)

Section Sponsored

  1. 19A115A (Indian Health Service health care exempt from government shutdowns)
  2. 19A115B (remedies for pay discrimination on the basis of sex)
  3. 19A115C (supporting the Indian Child Welfare Act)
  4. 19A115D (limiting law enforcement’s obtaining information of news media members)
  5. 19A115E (urging law enforcement to adopt regulations like those set by the Commission on Police Officer and Standard Training)
  6. 19A115F (urging government to not impose upon health care providers)
  7. 19A115H (human right to basic income)

Section Co-Sponsored

  1. 19A105 (limiting firearms in courthouses)
  2. 19A113B (prioritize dignity rights in legislation
  3. 19A113C (enforce the the Arms Export Control Act and the Foreign Assistance Act)

Additional Meeting Policies are forthcoming

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