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Mario A. Sullivan

Mario A. Sullivan is named partner at Johnson & Sullivan, Ltd. in Chicago, Illinois. Mario serves as a Section Councilmember and as Co-Chair of the Section's Bullyproof Committee.

Mario A. Sullivan

Mario A. Sullivan

Where are you from? How have your experiences here, or throughout your upbringing, influenced your passions and aspirations today?

I was born and raised in Chicago. My mother was a single parent, with 5 boys, and on welfare. As the oldest of 5 boys, I was tasked with raising all of us while my mother worked, which caused me to grew up quickly and take on a lot of responsibility at a young age. My upbringing has been a big influence on who I am today, it has made me a person who fights for justice and equality, is compassionate, a leader, and takes responsibility.

What drives you?

Helping people, whether that be making a better profession, assisting those in need, and just making a better world. 

What is one thing most people do not know about you that you feel they should?

I guess that I'm a little shy. 

When you look back, what is it that you want your advocacy and professional career to stand for?

That I helped to make a difference.  Doesn't have to be big. 

What is one issue which you care about or work most on and why?

Diversity.  As a gay man, I have had to deal with prejudices. It is my hope to make sure that we all are treated equally and with respect. 

What do you feel is the greatest challenge facing this issue today?

Hatred and people thinking it is ok to hate others for who they are. 

In what corners do you find the greatest support in propelling these issues you work on? In other words, who are your most frequent allies?

Like-minded people. 

What CRSJ project(s) are you working on? Or, what have you undertaken in CRSJ that you found the most rewarding to have worked on? Are there any upcoming events or projects you want us all to know about?

The Section's Bullyproof Committee. Most people learn to hate others, which usually starts in school through bullying.