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PART 1 | Zero Privacy Post-Dobbs? How the Threat Landscape Has Changed

This panel addresses the current landscape of threats to private data and communications, including what communications and data are at risk and what impact those threats could have, and looks ahead to emerging threats to privacy post-Dobbs.

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PART 2 | Zero Trust? Encryption and Other Approaches to Protecting Private Data and Communications

This panel describes the current state of the encryption debate and the positions of the various stakeholders. The panel assesses U.S. and global “lawful access” laws and technology proposals to strike a proper balance between the use of strong encryption and the need to protect the public interest and national security.

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PART 3 | Zero Sum Game? Developing a Winning Approach to Privacy and Security in an Age of Zero Trust

Security and privacy are two sides of the same coin – it’s hard to have one without the other. Yet there can be a tension between them. Strong legal and technological protections, including encryption, are necessary to effectively protect private data and communications. Are new laws and regulations needed? What effect will new comprehensive state privacy laws have? Are there any win-win solutions to the ever-changing threat landscape? Join us for a stimulating discussion of if and how the relevant interests could be balanced at a time when there is no trust and zero privacy seems like an all too real possibility.

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