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The ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice is proud to partner with the African American Policy Forum to present this four-part webinar series.

PART 1 | The Insurgent Origins of Critical Race Theory: Looking Backwards to Move Forward

This opening segment to this series is an edited version of a conversation that took place on the first day of the African American Policy Forum's Critical Race Theory Summer School, and features some of the leading thinkers in the field of Critical Race Theory. Together, the panelists tell the story of how CRT came to be, explore what it teaches us about the world, and discuss how it can now help us protect the very existence of critical thinking about race. This webinar foregrounds the subtle but significant ways in which these ideas have been institutionalized and offers participants concrete tools to challenge and dislodge structural inequalities.

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PART 2 | Race, Reform & Retrenchment Revisited: Can States Ban Learning About Our Full History?

The second installment of this series examines how throughout our country’s struggle to reckon with its racial legacies, one powerful faction continually recasts racial justice as a form of racial discrimination against white people. Against this backdrop, today’s attacks on, and distortions of, CRT are not a new ideological project, but reminiscent of narratives from Reconstruction to Jim Crow to modern campaigns against affirmative action. In this second segment, which is an edited conversation from a 2022 American Association of Law Schools Hot Topics session, panelists discussed the exercise and limits of state power in the American Legislative Exchange Council-coordinated campaign to ban under the umbrella of "Critical Race Theory," any possibility of learning about systemic racism and sexism, antisemitism, LGBTQ+ youth, among many other topics.

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PART 3 | Grounded in Intersectional Justice: How We Fight State Bans on Anti-Racism and LGBTQ+ Rights

The third installment of this series features an essential conversation about how we must dismantle the decades-long, broad and regressive agenda of established right-wing networks to replace multiracial democracy with an autocratic, white nationalist theocracy. Hear how successful coalitions in the states have been built to fight back and why we must ground our struggle in a robust conception of intersectional justice.

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In order to serve and provide resources to our Section members, the greater ABA, and the general public, the ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice presents a variety of webinars highlighting critical legal issues of civil liberties, human rights, and social justice.