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November 07, 2023

Spotlight: Victims’ Voices in the Gun Violence Conversation

Every week brings a new gun incident. With each passing tragedy, the issue touches more lives. While lawmakers are often at the center of the conversation, the voices of the victims of these tragedies are too infrequently given a spotlight. Join us for a conversation with people whose lives have been touched by gun violence as they discuss how their experiences have inspired them to advocate for changes to policy and public consciousness to help eradicate gun violence in its many forms.

The content of this program does not meet requirements for continuing legal education (CLE) accreditation. You will not receive CLE credit for watching.


  •  Hal Emelfarb – Standing Committee on Gun Violence Member, American Bar Association; Founding Partner, Emalfarb, Swan and Bain; Chairman of the Board, Highland Park CBD Public/Private Economic Alliance; Sustainability Legal Counsel, CarbonDay; General Counsel, National Lien & Bond Claim Systems
  • Ruth Glenn – President, Survivor Justice Action; Former CEO and President, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
  • Katrina Brees – Artist and Activist, Donna's Law for Gun Suicide Prevention


  • Angela Adkins Downes – Chair, Standing Committee on Gun Violence, American Bar Association; Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of Experiential Education, UNT Dallas College of Law


The Supreme Court, Gun Violence, and the Rule of Law | Human Rights Magazine, Angela Adkins Downes

Domestic Violence & Firearms: The Impact of Rahimi on Protective Orders (Infographic) | UNT Dallas Law Review

Issue 13 - Accessible Law,  Domestic Violence and Firearms: Protecting Victims of DV | UNT Dallas Law Review, Angela Adkins Downes

Everything I Never Dreamed: My Life Surviving and Standing Up to Domestic Violence | by Ruth Glenn

DONNA'S LAW: Self Defense Against Suicide

United States v. Rahimi | SCOTUSBlog

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