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June 09, 2022 Critical Race Theory Webinar Series

Grounded in Intersectional Justice: How We Fight State Bans on Anti-Racism and LGBTQ+ Rights

The ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice and the African American Policy Forum are pleased to collaborate on a four-part webinar series on Critical Race Theory (CRT). Over the past year, CRT has been increasingly misrepresented by the Right in an organized, widespread effort to stifle racial justice and gender equity, and weaken our multiracial democracy. Join us for an essential conversation about how we must dismantle the decades-long, broad and regressive agenda of established right-wing networks to replace multiracial democracy with an autocratic, white nationalist theocracy. Hear how successful coalitions in the states have been built to fight back and why we must ground our struggle in a robust conception of intersectional justice.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Beth K. Whittenbury, Chair, ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice; Principal, Beth K. Whittenbury & Associates


  • Heather Fleming, Founder, Missouri Equity Education Partnership
  • Josh Malkin, Public Interest and Government Fellow, ACLU of South Carolina
  • Mark A. Russell, Director of Education and Family Services, Indianapolis Urban League


  • Sumi Cho, Director of Strategic Initiatives, African American Policy Forum
  • Leah Cohen, Communications Strategist, African American Policy Forum
  • Samuel Hoadley-Brill, #TruthBeTold Research and Writing Fellow, African American Policy Forum
  • Sol A. Kersey, Legal Fellow, African American Policy Forum
  • Heather Malveaux, #TruthBeTold Campaign Manager, African American Policy Forum
  • Kristin Penner, Research Fellow, African American Policy Forum

Joint Sponsor: African American Policy Forum

Co-Sponsors: ABA Center for Human RightsABA Center for Public Interest LawABA Center on Children and the LawABA Coalition on Racial and Ethnic JusticeABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual ViolenceABA Commission on Hispanic Legal Rights & ResponsibilitiesABA Commission on Homelessness & PovertyABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the ProfessionABA Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentityABA Commission on Youth at RiskABA Council for Diversity in the Educational PipelineABA Criminal Justice SectionABA Government and Public Sector Lawyers DivisionABA Law Student DivisionABA Section of State and Local Government LawABA Standing Committee on the Law Library of CongressABA Standing Committee on Public EducationABA Young Lawyers Division


Event Leave-Behind Highlights (PDF) 

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