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2023 CRSJ Midyear Meeting Overview

January 26-27, 2023

The Section recently hosted its second virtual Midyear Council Meeting, during which the Section’s governing body actively discussed resolutions before the ABA House of Delegates, heard from the Section’s Committee leaders and ABA entity liaisons about ongoing and forthcoming initiatives, heard reports from the Executive Committee and ABA President and President-Elect, and more!

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Kay H. Hodge honored with Father Robert F. Drinan Award

About the Event

The Section honored longtime leader and 2011-12 Past Chair Kay H. Hodge with its Father Robert F. Drinan Award for Distinguished Service, during a virtual reception on January 26. Friends and colleagues submitted video tributes and letters included in the virtual presentation and program book. These contributions culminated in an emotional, poignant ceremony honoring Kay’s legacy.

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Co-Sponsored Midyear Events

Reproductive Justice & Gender-Based Violence Post-Dobbs: Living at the Intersections of Oppression and Bodily Autonomy

SPONSORED BY THE ABA COMMISSION ON DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE | This event is a discussion with Louisiana and national experts on reproductive justice post-Dobbs, with a focus on the reproductive rights of survivors of gender-based violence, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQI+ people. Following introductory presentations, there will be a facilitated discussion regarding how the ABA can respond through policy development, supporting attorneys on the ground, and engaging the legal systems in various jurisdictions.

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Meet the Tulane Women’s Prison Project: Telling Untold Stories of Incarcerated GBV Survivors

SPONSORED BY THE ABA COMMISSION ON DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE | Meet the Tulane University Law School's Women’s Prison Project, a clinical program that has won freedom for eight women serving or facing life or long sentences related to gender-based violence. Hear from clients who had been serving life without parole sentences for defending themselves against abusive partners. Learn about the Project’s innovative approaches, workshop ideas and opportunities to replicate, expand, build-upon, or enhance the Project’s design and mission in other states or on a national or regional scale.

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School-to-Prison Pipeline Convening

SPONSORED BY THE ABA COALITION ON RACIAL AND ETHNIC JUSTICE | COREJ has developed a single legislative guide or “toolkit,” the goal of which is to provide examples of legislative language that can be implemented on the state and local level to end those policies and practices and ultimately dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. A Convening during the Midyear Meeting provided an opportunity for stakeholders and others to review and comment on major components of the suggestions for legislative change and to discuss strategies forward.