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One Person, (N)one Vote: Gerrymandering with the Help of the Disenfranchised

Midyear CLE Program

This panel examined modern-day residency requirements and moral character tests that continue to bar homeless people, students, and those with criminal convictions or awaiting pre-trial detention from voting. 

 The speakers also analyzed the implications of these voting policies when it comes to obtaining accurate census counts and redistricting, especially with respect to prison-based gerrymandering and transient populations.  In addition, the panelists explored the role the ABA can play in advocating for increased ballot access and fairer state redistricting plans to protect these vulnerable and marginalized communities.

Please note: only those who attended the program in-person are eligible to receive CLE credit.


  • Nancy Abudu (Moderator), Deputy Legal Director, Voting Rights | Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Chad W. DunnDirector of Litigation, UCLA Voting Rights Project | UCLA Latino Policy & Politics Initiative
  • James W. HeatonSupervising Attorney | Mission United Veterans Pro Bono Project
  • Sean J. YoungLegal Director | ACLU of Georgia

CLE Materials