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Equal Pay: Trends in Litigation, Emerging Legislation & Corporate Equity Initiatives

CLE in the City

This “CLE in the City” program examines contributors to the gender and racial wage gaps, including pay discrimination, occupational segregation, and implicit bias. Panelists address trends in equal pay-related litigation, including the distinction between claims brought under anti-discrimination laws versus equal pay laws; the extent to which employers can rely on prior salary to justify pay disparities under federal or state equal pay laws; and the particular issues that arise in equal pay cases within the legal profession. The panel also covers trends in legislation, including pay data collection; pay transparency requirements; limits on employer inquiries and reliance on prior salary; and narrowing employer defenses, among others. Finally, the program examines proactive measures taken by companies to uncover and rectify pay disparities and promote gender and racial equity.

Please note: only those who attended the program in-person are eligible to receive CLE credit.

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