May 23, 2018

The Shameful Truth: Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Thirty percent or more lawyers have experienced some form of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace, and at law firms that number is likely higher. The persistence of sex-based harassment in the legal profession has profound effects on the physical and emotional well-being of female lawyers resulting in lowered job satisfaction and disillusion with the institution of law. As victims of sexual harassment come forward to the legal profession for support, what do the #MeToo and TIMES UP movements mean for lawyers who are themselves the victims?

This webinar examines the power dynamics for associates and female partners when they are attacked, sexualized and in other ways victimized on the job. The program also discusses how harassment from non-employee interactions (i.e., client relations) open the door for collective injuries against female lawyers. Panelists explore Model 8.4g and how the model rules can be used to help lawyers fight harassment. 


  • Paulette Brown, Past President, American Bar Association and Partner, Partner at Locke Lord LLP 
  • Gregory S. Chiarello, Partner, Outten & Golden LLP, New York & Editor, Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex-Based Harassment in the Legal Profession. 
  • Moderator: Stephanie A. Scharf, Chair, ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, Principal, Scharf, Banks & Marmor LLC



Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex- Based Harassment in the Legal Profession


ABA Commission on Women in the Profession

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