July 17, 2019

Economic, Gender, and Racial Inequality in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Program Description

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, also known as #TCJA, made sweeping changes to our tax laws including, most significantly, an unprecedented corporate tax rate cut costing Americans $1.4 trillion. Far from addressing, fixing, or improving existing economic, gender, and racial inequality in our income tax system, the #TCJA strengthened some of these provisions and even added new concerns. A panel of tax experts will explain the numerous financial disadvantages that lower-income households, women, and people of color suffer under the #TCJA and suggest how we might better achieve equality for all Americans.


Francine Lipman, William S. Boyd Professor of Law; Darrick Hamilton, pioneer and internationally recognized scholar in the field of stratification economics; Alexandra Thornton, Senior Director, Tax Policy, Center for American Progress; Marilyn Harbur (moderator), Co-Chair, CRSJ Economic Justice Committee


Economic Justice; Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity; Co-sponsored by the American Bar Association Center for Public Interest Law

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