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Intersection of Identities: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience

Being LGBTQ+ and Asian American and Pacific Islander has its own unique challenges. While there are an estimated 324,600 LGBTQ+ Asian American and Pacific Islander adults in the United States, it can be difficult for many to find other similarly situated individuals, especially in the legal community. Our panel of legal experts, justices, academics, and activists examine this unique intersection of identities and offer their personal perspectives and journeys on issues such as: the historical contexts of attitudes toward AAPI LGBTQ+ individuals; the role of specific AAPI cultural values, norms or traditions in the development and expression of AAPI LGBTQ+ individuals identity; and the unique risks faced by AAPI LGBTQ+ individuals through the lens of multiple minority stress or stigma.



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Transcript: Intersection of Identities: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience

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