December 19, 2018

Your Money's No Good Here: Source of Income Discrimination in Housing

Program Description

Source of Income (SOI) discrimination has long plagued low-income individuals seeking housing. Many that are forced to pay rent with government vouchers, veteran’s benefits, social security payments and the like are often denied housing by landlords as a pretext for prohibited discrimination based on race, disability, national origin and more. SOI discrimination contributes to concentrations of poverty, homelessness, and racial segregation in housing. Recent momentum, including the passage of a state-wide SOI discrimination ban in Washington State, as well as the recent introduction of federal bills seeking to do the same nationally, shows that we are at a pivotal point in the fight to stop SOI discrimination. This webinar will discuss advocacy strategies for capitalizing on this momentum to pass SOI anti-discrimination laws at the local, state and federal levels.


Alison Bell, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities; Scott Crain, NW Justice Project; Demetria McCain, Inclusive Communities Project; Philip Tegeler, Poverty Race and Research Action Counsel; Jill Williams, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran; Melinda Woods, Washington State Advocate; Antonia Fasanelli, Facilitator


 Economic Justice

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