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July 13, 2018 RAPID RESPONSE

In the Wake of Zero Tolerance – Best Practices for Representing Separated Parents and Children

The ABA Commission on Immigration, ProBAR, CRSJ and Children's Immigration Law Academy (CILA) present this webinar for attorneys who wish to learn more about representing families separated by the Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. Our experts discuss how separated families have been processed at the border, forcibly separated, prosecuted and detained, causing grave suffering to parents and children and obstacles to their legal claims. Our experts discuss each step in the process and explain the complicated legal proceedings that apply to parents caught at the border and children who have been rendered “unaccompanied” by government action. Lawyers across the country have expressed interest in helping these families. Many of these families remain divided today despite the President’s Executive Order that allegedly ended the practice but failed to include a procedure for reuniting families unless they agree to waive all claims and accept removal. This is not due process. Join us to learn more about how to effectively represent these families and permit those who fear persecution to apply for asylum as required by law.


  • Dalia Castillo-Granados, CILA Director (Houston, Texas)
  • Jodi Goodwin, highly experienced private immigration practitioner working on the Texas-Mexico border (Harlingen, Texas)
  • Meghan Johnson Perez, Director of the Children's Project at ProBAR (Harlingen, Texas)
  • Julie Pasch, Director of the Adult Detention Project at ProBAR (Harlingen, Texas)

Co-Sponsor: ABA Commission on Immigration

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