February 03, 2020

Alternative Legal Solutions to International Human Rights Violations

 In a world that resists accountability, international human rights attorneys encounter many obstacles when seeking justice for their clients. This webinar showcased several attorneys who have found novel ways to surmount these obstacles. Our hope is that they inspire you to do the same.

The topics discussed include:

  • Creative ways to address corporate liability for human rights violations;
  • Non-judicial grievance mechanisms;
  • The French duty of vigilance law for corporations doing business outside of France;
  • Child trafficking initiatives in supply chains;
  • Bringing accountability to local sites; and 
  • Representing victims in international courts. 


  • Tiphaine Beau de Loménie, Partner, Seattle Avocats
  • François de Cambiare, Partner, Seattle Avocats
  • Caitlin Daniel, Senior Communities Associate, Accountability Counsel
  • Charity Ryerson, Founder and Legal Director, Corporate Accountability Lab
  • Claret Vargas, Senior Staff Attorney, The Center for Justice & Accountability
  • Jaclyn Fortini Laing (Moderator), Co-Chair of the International Human Rights Committee, Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice


Center for Human Rights
Center for Public Interest Law
Section of International Law


PowerPoint Presentations
Tiphaine Beau de Loménie, François de Cambiare
Charity Ryerson
Caitlin Daniel / Sarah Singh
Claret Vargas

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