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June 22, 2021 CBA-CRSJ Webinar Series

Disinformation: The Challenges to Democracy

As long as politics and elections have existed, there have always been false claims and exaggerations by leaders, candidates, their backers and even commentators. But the explosion of Internet access and social media usage in recent years has turned aberrational misinformation into a global epidemic of disinformation. On the one hand, millions more people have access to information than ever before; on the other hand, it is a constant challenge to differentiate among sources that deal in verifiable fact and those that disseminate, irrespective of source or veracity.

What should we do about this situation? Is the widespread access to information an opportunity for democracy, or is the spread of disinformation a threat to democracy? Our panelists address this challenging issue from Canadian and US perspectives.


  • Eve Gaumond, Director, Innovative Ideas Incubator Program, International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technology 
  • Chris Tenove, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, University of British Columbia
  • Ellen L.  Weintraub, Commissioner, U.S. Federal Election Commission


  • Allan W. Damer, Principal - Legal Counsel, Allan W. Damer Professional Corporation; Vice-Chair, CBA Constitutional and Human Rights Law Section
  • Claire Rajan, Senior Counsel, Allen & Overy LLP; Co-Chair, Free Speech and Free Press Committee, ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice

Joint Sponsor: CBA Constitutional and Human Rights Law Section


Is Canadian Law Better Equipped to Handle Disinformation?

Trolled on the Campaign Trail: Online Incivility and Abuse in Canadian Politics

Protecting Democracy from Disinformation: Normative Threats and Policy Responses

Processes, People and Public Accountability

Strike & Share: Combating Foreign Influence Campaigns On Social Media

Section 230

FEC Chair Ellen L. Weintraub Testifies on Securing America's Elections Infrastructure

Digital Disinformation and the Threat to Democracy: Information Integrity in the 2020 Elections

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