February 06, 2019

AIDS 2019: A Roundtable Discussion of Current and Emerging Legal and Policy Issues

Program Description

In the 33 years since the first AIDS cases were identified in the United States, the HIV epidemic had evolved from tragic misnomer (the so-called “gay plague”) to global pandemic (once deemed a national security threat) to (in the West) manageable chronic condition. The legal and policy issues and responses animating that turbulent history have evolved as well, and not always wisely.  Members of the American Bar Association AIDS Coordinating Committee — established in 1987 to identify, analyze, and address these issues — will discuss progress made and challenges remaining to achieving an “AIDS-free generation.”


Daniel Bruner, Senior Director of Policy at Whitman-Walker Health; Margaret Drew, Associate Professor at UMass Law; Ronda Goldfein, Executive Director of the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania; William McColl, Director of Health Policy at AIDS United; Anthony Pinggera, Law Fellow at Lambda Legal; Evelyn P. Tomaszewski, Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University; Richard Wilson, Chair of the ABA Aids Coordinating Committee; Allison Nichol, Former Chief of the Disability Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Moderator


Health Law and Ethics

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