March 08, 2018

The ABCs of Adequate School Funding

Program Description

Rats, extreme temperatures, unsafe structures: those sound like the conditions for contestants on “Fear Factor.” Actually, those are among the conditions that students and teachers across the country endure in inadequately funded schools. Through our webinar, you will hear, firsthand, the troubling conditions in inadequately funded school districts and the impact it has on students and teachers. We will discuss the current state of the law on school funding. Then we will examine the different approaches to funding, including what we know works and what we know doesn’t work. This webinar highlights the first pillar of the Education Bill of Rights rolled out by the CRSJ Education Committee at the ABA Annual Meeting in August 2017. Look for follow up webinars addressing the other pillars enumerated in our publication, The Education Bill of Rights.


Michael A. Rebell, Professor of Law, Columbia Law School & Professor of Practice in Law and Educational Policy, Teachers College at Columbia University Harold Kwalwasser, Founder, Renewing Our Schools, former General Counsel of the Los Angeles Unified School District Chadê Biney-Amissah, History Teacher at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter, Philadelphia, PA Maggie Sieleman-Ross, Reading Teacher at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter, Philadelphia, PA



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