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December 07, 2017 RAPID RESPONSE

A False Sense of Relief Part II: Asylum in the Trump Era

Thousands of asylum-seekers at U.S. ports of entry and along the border experience find themselves detained and facing adversarial removal proceedings instead of the welcome and protection they were expecting. Since the commencement of the Trump Administration, immigration and asylum policies have become more restrictive, but legal experts are responding with tenacious advocacy. During the last year, the government has prioritized the detention of asylum-seekers and the quick adjudication of applications initiated at the border. Meanwhile, DHS has been separating asylum-seeking families and turning asylum-seekers away at our nation’s borders, violating both domestic and international law. As a follow-up to our last webinar on the mental trauma of asylees and refugees, we will host a panel discussion on recent detention and asylum-related cases (Jennings v. Rodriguez, Amos Yee, etc.) and will discuss the broad disparity in asylum grant rates among the various Immigration Courts and the U.S. Courts of Appeal.


  • Sandra Grossman, Grossman LLC
  • Nancy Oretskin, New Mexico State University
  • Michael Tan, ACLU

Co-Sponsor: ABA Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice International Human Rights Committee

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