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About Us

Subsequently, we collaborated with The Harbinger, the online companion of The NYU Review of Law and Social Change, to publish a symposium last Spring. Essentially, the symposium featured transcripts of our six-part national lecture series. As such, each panelist's remarks were memorialized in print where others can cite to them in support of their research, writings, teaching, and other projects. Lastly, the Human Rights Magazine, the ABA's award-winning publication, dedicated its Spring 2020 issue exclusively to exploring immigrant rights pursuant to the committee's request. It featured notable voices, from academics at NYU School of Law and Harvard Law School to practitioners who have litigated related issues before the U.S.Supreme Court.

More recently, with the support of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Committee held a groundbreaking interdisciplinary conference exploring the most pressing social justice issues facing us as a nation. From preventing police brutality to eliminating exclusionary immigration measures, from dismantling structural racism to enhancing reporting and data collection of increasingly violent hate crimes, community leaders, policymakers, and scholars convened in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential elections to discuss practical policy solutions to these daunting challenges. Attracting registrants from around the country (and globe), the convening's recordings, together with a recommended reading list and resources, are now available online and accessible via the Summit event webpage.

Most recently, this year, the Committee collaborated with the ABA Journal to publish policy recommendations from each of the summit’s virtual sessions. In total, we have published six sets of policy recommendations which are now available below.