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Reasons to Join

The International Human Rights Committee

Join the IHR Committee Today!

Join the IHR Committee Today!

Join the International Human Rights Committee here →

  1.  Everyone, regardless of race, color, origin, sex, and class deserves to enjoy human rights protections which recognize their human dignity and liberty.
  2. There are many places around the world where assaults on human rights ensue today. Education from the committee can assist members in recognizing and challenging issues of social, political, economic, and cultural oppression in their respective professions.  
  3. Members can use their knowledge from the committee to engage in meaningful international human rights debate.
  4. Law students can find out more about human rights law and ask questions of committee members about what classes to take, what to study, and what it is like to be a lawyer in this field.
  5. With high political discourse on topics like globalized interplay or universal jurisdiction, committee members can learn more about human rights and international law, as well as push initiatives to raise awareness.
  6. In the era of forced mass migration, genocidal atrocities, violence against women, or systemic discrimination members can converse with experts on these issues and answer any questions they have.
  7. Members can increase their connections with a diverse group of practitioners who bring broad expertise to international justice issues.

Contact Committee Leaders

Daniel L. Appelman – Co-Chair, International Human Rights  Committee – Contact

Jaclyn Fortini Laing – Co-Chair, International Human Rights  Committee – Contact