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April 23, 2021

Where is the Death Penalty Heading in the U.S. Heading?

2020-2021 have already been turbulent ones for advocates of capital punishment. Virginia, which had executed the second most countries in the world, has now abolished the death penalty completely. The federal government execution spree in the final six months seems to have energized anti-death penalty organizations. And the year's other pandemic – brought the issue of white law enforcement killing unarmed Black people – brought the issue of racial disparities in capital punishment a new urgency. 

At this potentially momentous time, it is fortuitous that a North Carolina nonprofit asked Ron Tabak to speak at a program which it videotaped and has enabled us to disseminate. Ron spoke on April 24, 2021, on the subject of 'Where is the Death Penalty Heading in the U.S. Heading? The Many Often Countervailing Trends.' Ron's expertise in dealing with capital punishment developments has been recognized in many ways, including numerous awards. We hope you will find his April 24 talk to be compelling and thought-provoking.