March 04, 2020

Leadership Positions – Now Open

Nominations for elected and appointed Section leadership positions are now open. If you are interested in a CRSJ leadership position, please complete the appropriate form below by Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Please note that a person can be nominated for more than one position, and any Section member in good standing is eligible to apply.

The 2020 CRSJ Nominating Committee is chaired by Section Delegate Estelle Rogers. Other Committee members are Jerry Gardner, Marilyn Harbur, Michelle McLeod, and Mathew C. Mecoli. Section Chair Wendy K. Mariner and Chair-Elect Angela J. Scott will serve as ex officio members of the Committee.

The Committee will soon be selecting its slate of candidates for FY20-21 Section Officers and Council Members, to be elected by the membership at the 2020 ABA Annual Meeting on July 31, 2020. Chair-Elect Angela J. Scott also will make next year's Special Counsel and Committee Chair and Vice Chair appointments this Spring. Your completion of these forms is important if you would like to be considered for one or more of the open positions.

We invite your help and participation in both the nominating and appointments processes. ALL CURRENT AND PROSPECTIVE Council Members and Committee Leaders who are up for reappointment must complete the appropriate forms below at your earliest opportunity, but no later than Tuesday, March 31, 2020, to indicate your interest in serving in your current or another Section leadership position next year. You also are encouraged to suggest other candidates for election or appointment. Please contact the Section office at (202) 662-1030 or with questions. 

Officer and Council Elections

Generally, officers are nominated to move up one position, leaving the position of Secretary to be filled by a new officer. This year, the position of one of the Section’s two Delegates also must be filled (these positions typically hold two three-year terms).

This year, there are six elected Council vacancies (three-year terms) open. Note that three of the open positions are currently held by Council members eligible for re-nomination, if they apply.

Officer and Council positions will begin immediately following the Annual Meeting.

To submit a nomination for a Council or Officer position, please fill out the application below.

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Special Counsel, Committee Chair and Vice Chair Appointments

Committee leaders (and our membership) are the backbone of the Section – our Section work would not happen without them. Beginning in April, Chair-Elect Angela J. Scott will appoint, for one-year terms, five (5) Special Counsel to oversee the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Section’s 20 substantive committees. Special Counsel are non-voting members of the Section's Council, appointed with approval by the Council. She is also seeking additional nominations for Section members interested in participating in the Section’s amicus committee or becoming Section liaisons to other ABA entities.

Leadership terms will begin immediately following the Annual Meeting. Current CRSJ committees and leadership can be found here.

To submit a nomination for a Special Counsel or Committee Leadership position, please fill out the application below.

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