June 20, 2016

Monitors Standards Table of Contents


In August 2015, the ABA House of Delegates approved these “black letter” standards that will be published with commentary in ABA Standards for Monitors, 4th ed., ©2015 American Bar Association. Work is underway to provide commentary to accompany these Standards.To go directly to individual “black letter” standards (without commentary), click on the links below.



I.  Definitions

Standard 24-1.1 Definitions

II. Monitor Selection

Standard 24-2.1  General Principles

Standard 24-2.2 Candidate Pool

Standard 24-2.3 Pre-qualified Monitor Pool

Standard 24-2.4   Selection Criteria

Standard 24-2.5 Duty to Disclose

III. Establishing the Monitorship

Standard 24-3.1    General Principles

Standard 24-3.2  Modifications

Standard 24-3.3 Monitor Work Plan

Standard 24-3.4    Monitor Compensation and Billing

Standard 24-3.5    Public Disclosure of Fees and Expenses

IV. Conducting the Monitorship

Standard 24-4.1 Professionalism

Standard 24-4.2    Access to Records, Persons and Information

Standard 24-4.3 Scheduled Reports and Other Reports and Communications

Standard 24-4.4 Monitor Recommendations

Standard 24-4.5 Indemnification

Standard 24-4.6 Withdrawal

Standard 24-4.7    Removal of the Monitor

Standard 24-4.8 Evaluation of Monitorships