January 11, 2021 Feature

The ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Mental Health: The Greatest Practice Resource You’ve Never Heard Of

Elizabeth Kelley and Eric Y. Drogin

A rash claim? Not really, because we know that if you can spare five minutes to glance over the Standards, you’ll become a believer on the spot. An immodest claim? Not at all, because we weren’t members of the blue-ribbon panel that took the classic 1984 version and transformed it into the up to date 2016 version. A self-promoting claim? Not likely, because if the ABA continues to revise the Standards at 32-year intervals, we’ll probably both be retired—even in this economy—by the time the next panel is chosen. A grammatically challenged claim? Well … we apologize to legal writing instructors everywhere for ending the title of this article with a preposition. Nostra culpa.

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