May 01, 2021 From the Chair

Renewing Our Faith: How Do We Move Forward on Race?

April Frazier Camara
Be the change you want to see in the world.

—Mahatma Ghandi

The year 2020 dealt America a series of challenges, including COVID-19, racial unrest, and a deeply divided electorate-based race. This year presents us with a new opportunity—an opportunity to engage in the difficult work of confronting the longstanding issue of race in America. This important work is required to rebuild our communities, institutions, and, ultimately, our country.

When we think about the enormity of the problem of racism in America, it seems overwhelming. Racism is embedded in the fabric of our nation, and we have been engaged in the fight to confront it since our founding. But I want to remind us that change comes one person at a time. We can all be the change that we want to see in the world. We each hold power to create change in our offices, communities, and the broader society.

I am excited to have this edition of the ABA Criminal Justice Magazine focus on the issue of race and criminal justice. I hope that you will find new resources and information in this edition of the magazine that will inspire you to remember that you hold the power of change within your hands.

Be well,

April Frazier Camara


April Frazier Camara


April Frazier Camara is a former public defender and the co-founder of the Black Public Defender Association and Chief of Lifelong Learning at National Legal Aid and Defender Association. She is chair of the Criminal Justice Section for 2020–21.