July 15, 2020 Ask Allison

The Middling Swordsman

Allison Jackson Mathis

Dear Allison,

I’m a relatively seasoned attorney with a bare modicum of success who has a serious problem: college students. How so, you ask? Every college student I meet, be they family, friend, or mere acquaintance, wants to become a lawyer, and specifically a criminal lawyer. They are constantly asking me for my advice. The truth is that the work is hard, the rewards are few, and the money is . . . well, you know what the money is. But I love what I do, which makes it worth it. I hate to be a crank or a smack-talker, but I don’t want to cast things in too flattering a light, either. I worked very hard to get where I am, which is not really much to crow about. What should I say?

Middling Marvin

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