July 15, 2020 From the Chair

From the Chair

Kim T. Parker

As I write my final chair’s column, I am struck by the immense opportunities ahead for the ABA Criminal Justice Section. The world has dramatically changed before our eyes in this 100th year of our existence. When we entered 2020, we anticipated many challenges, but we had not imagined the crisis that is now upon us. Each of you and the people you serve have been deeply impacted personally and professionally by this pandemic. I have watched in awe as criminal justice professions across this nation have come together to find solutions in this crisis. The challenges we now face have forced us to take a hard look at how we conduct ourselves and how we manage criminal justice processes. Now more than ever, the collaboration of prosecutors, defenders, academics, judges, probation, and parole services is necessary. We are in an excellent position to lead the way at this turning point. We have a long history of collaboration in the Criminal Justice Section and our collaborative practices can serve as the model for the development of future criminal justice policy, procedure, and process.

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