October 26, 2020 Feature

Gap Year: COVID-19’s Impact on White-Collar Crime Enforcement and Defense

Thomas A. Hanusik, Daniel L. Zelenko, Nimi Aviad, and Laura Schwartz

For college-bound seniors, a “gap year” is time to reflect, to get it together, to prepare for the journey ahead. The COVID-19 gap is different. At some point, we will look back on this pandemic and see the various gaps that COVID-19 has created. Gaps in sales and revenues will cause companies to miss their financial targets; COVID-related travel restrictions and office closures will create gaps in internal investigations and related remediation; and shifting priorities will create gaps in white-collar enforcement. However, as the crisis abates, we already see a concerted effort to “catch up” and fill these gaps through massive, unprecedented funding and through the prioritization of fighting COVID-related fraud.

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