October 26, 2020 Feature

The Collision of the Speedy Trial Clock with the Coronavirus’s Slowdown Realities: Justice in the Time of COVID-19

Andrew S. Boutros, Jay R. Schleppenbach, and Gregory T. Noorigian

The global coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, as remote work has become commonplace, international travel has all but halted, businesses have closed their doors (some forever), and Americans have learned to wear masks and practice social distancing. As parts of the country have reopened in phases, others, including our schools and universities, are grappling with whether to shut down in the face of new cases. The disruption caused by these stop-and-go fact patterns has resulted in a perpetual state of limbo as our political, medical, educational, religious, and other leaders try to make sense of uncertain and evolving scientific conclusions on COVID-19.

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