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Featured Past Webinar: Contextualizing the Law of Police

This Jan. 24 webinar provides a deeper understanding of the recently published Law of Police casebook by Professor Rachel Harmon (University of Virginia). Professor Harmon is joined by Professor Kirk Burkhalter (of Consortium member school New York Law School) and Marcellus McRae (Gibson Dunn) to discuss how the law has informed the ways in which populations are policed and determine how this might guide conversations to reimagine public safety.

"A Seat at the Table: Engaging Stakeholders to Advance Policing Reform"

October 6, 2021. Ongoing debate regarding police reform has made one thing abundantly clear. In order for change to be sustainable and more widely supported, a variety of stakeholders need to be brought into the discussion. Join the Legal Education Police Practices Consortium as we examine how to identify and elevate those voices to drive reform in both policing policy and practice. (Click on the image on the left to view.)

Relevant Webinars

The Legal Education Police Practices Consortium strives to work with programs across the ABA examining issues of policing and public safety. Relevant webinars hosted by the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice are available here.

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