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The ABA Legal Education Police Practices Consortium (“Consortium”) aims to contribute to the national effort examining and addressing legal issues in policing and public safety, including conduct, oversight, and the evolving nature of police work. The Consortium will leverage the ABA’s expertise and that of participating ABA accredited law schools (“Participating Law School”) to collaborate on projects to develop and implement better police practices throughout the United States. 

The Consortium will provide the means to, among other things, advance improved police practices at local, state, and national levels. To achieve that goal, the ABA and the Participating Law Schools will leverage the ABA’s leadership on model police practices and law schools’ capacity to work with key community stakeholders to promote those model policies. Drawing on the geographic diversity of the ABA, the Participating Law Schools, and their networks, the Consortium will advance the widespread adoption of model police practices and initiate other projects designed to support effective policing, promote racial equity in the criminal justice system, and eliminate tactics that are racially motivated or have a disparate impact based on race.

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  • A national calendar of publicly accessible events related to police practices including police ethics, accountability, and reforms. 
  • Research Resources related to police practices in the U.S. 
  • Centers studying policing in the U.S.
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Court Vindicates Black Officer Fired for Stopping Colleague’s Chokehold - The New York Times

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