Task Force on Gatekeeper Regulation and the Profession

Task Force on Gatekeeper Regulation and the Profession

 Welcome to the home page of the ABA Task Force on the Gatekeeper Regulation and the Profession. Our Task Force was created in February 2002 by ABA President Robert Hirshon to examine U.S. government and multilateral efforts to combat international money laundering and the implications of these efforts for lawyers and the profession. The legal profession, as well as certain financial sector professions, have been characterized as the "gatekeepers" to the international financial and business markets.

The mission of the Task Force is to respond to initiatives by the U.S. Department of Justice and other organizations that will impact on the attorney-client relationship in the context of anti-money laundering enforcement. We are reviewing and evaluating ABA policies and rules regarding the ability of attorneys to disclose client activity and information, and developing a position on the Gatekeeper issue. We are developing educational programs for legal professionals and law students, and organizing resource materials to allow lawyers to comply with their anti-money laundering responsibilities. The goal is to preserve the integrity of the attorney-client relationship.

On this page, you will find information on who we are, the Gatekeeper Initiative, latest developments, a list of useful terms, and links to other useful websites. We also display a description of the actions that the Task Force is undertaking, as well as programs regarding anti-money laundering compliance, issues, and lawyer responsibilities.

Please visit this web page to remain apprised of our work on the Gatekeeper Initiative.

- Edward J. Krauland, Chair