July 18, 2016


Membership Benefits

Membership in the ABA Criminal Justice Section brings with it many benefits and privileges. With its diverse membership of judges, private criminal defense attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders, academics, forensic accountants, probation and parole officers and other criminal justice professionals, the Section is uniquely situated to bring all the various actors to the table to address today's most pressing criminal justice issues. Members receive:

  • Criminal Justice Magazine , a quarterly publication filled with practice-oriented, "how-to" articles, coverage of criminal law and justice policy developments, and Section news. Members can view the full-text of articles, departments, and columns from current and past issues.
  • Priority invitations to CLE programs , with registration and course materials offered at reduced rates to Section members.
  • Ability to create, join, or contribute to Section discussions on the Internet.
  • Access to important practice resources and Publications at Section-member discounts.
  • An opportunity to provide leadership in the field through participation on Committees and special projects. Committee membership is available free of charge to Criminal Justice Section members.
  • Advance notice of new developments and updates in your specialty area, through E-News and other email notices.
  • The Criminal Justice Section Newsletter , to keep you informed of opportunities for involvement in Section activities. Certain committees also offer newsletters on specific subject areas, all at no additional cost.
  • Opportunities to organize and speak at CLE programs in your area of specialty.
  • The chance to mentor law students and younger lawyers interested in pursuing criminal law as a career.
  • Enhancement of your professional skills through programs offered year-round, including a Criminal Justice track during the ABA's Annual Meeting.
  • Expansion of your colleague and referral network . Members of the Criminal Justice Section include some of the top names in the field, as well as those who have only an occasional but pressing criminal law case.
  • Access to members-only resources on the Section website, such as the ABA Online Directory for a complete listing of CJS members and leadership, and Criminal Justice Magazine articles.


 Attorney General Eric Holder recently appeared before the Judicial Conference of the U.S. Courts and announced that reforming corrections in this country is one of his top two priorities.  This is a unique time in history, and the ABA Criminal Justice Section is perfectly placed to help evolve the criminal justice system.  – Douglas Burris

Membership in the Criminal Justice Section has afforded me a number of benefits and opportunities.  Through my committee participation I have been able to work on projects that address racial disparities and will enhance the delivery of equal justice; I am kept abreast of new developments and laws in the field and have an opportunity to lend my voice to policy recommendations; and I have met lawyers from all walks –the defense bar, prosecutors, judges and academics- and across the nation with whom I have developed professional relationships. Access to training and continuing legal education has also been a benefit.  – Wayne McKenzie

 Since the mid eighties I have plesantly been involved with the Criminal Justice Section of the ABA.  In a word it has been my home within the ABA. The accomplishments of the Section, working with outstanding judges, prosecutors, criminal defense lawyers, defenders and academicians, have been truly outstanding.  I am proud to be a part of it. – Terence MacCarthy

 ABA’s Criminal Justice Section offers many opportunities to serve.  The Section also provides many benefits, including useful information disseminated in various media.  People involved in any aspect of the criminal justice system, including the corrections component, would benefit by joining the section.  – Michael Hamden

 The ABA’s Criminal Justice Section provides opportunities to reach out to other members around the country to work on issues vital to sustaining criminal justice and the rule of law.  Section members continually demonstrate a keen desire and dedication to be active participants in the developing law of the United States. – Luz E. Nagle