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FAQs on the Standards

Where can I order print copies of the Standards?

Please use the ABA Webstore to order specific Standards in available book format.  For out-of-print Standards, please contact Shamika Dicks, Administrative Assistant to the Standards Project.

Are past editions of the Standards available?

Yes, please contact Shamika Dicks, Administrative Assistant to the Standards Project, 
for copies of past editions.

Where can I find the Standards on Juvenile Justice?

The IJA-ABA Standards for Juvenile Justice can be found here

What is the process for developing Standards?

Please see this useful article on the  history of the Standards and how they are developed

Can I reprint the Standards?

The Standards are copyrighted by the American Bar Association, but the Standards may be used for non-profit, educational and training purposes and legal reform (legislative, judicial, and executive) without written permission but with a citation to this source.

For more information concerning the Criminal Justice Standards, please send email to Shamika Dicks, Administrative Assistant to the Standards Project.