April 02, 2019

Materials for 2019 Spring Program

April 4-7, 2019

Nashville, TN 

Speaker Bios

Roster of Attendees

Thursday Women's Day Program





Thursday Implicit Bias Sessions

Confronting Implicit Bias

Let’s Talk Solutions: Confronting Implicit Bias and Shattering the Glass Ceiling 

Implicit Bias: Should the Legal Community Be Bothered?

Friday Plenary Session I

The Role of the Bench in Criminal Justice Reform: Do Cash Bail Systems Undermine Justice and Democracy? 




Percentage of Non-Financial Bond among cases receiving judicial release decision

Friday Plenary Session II

Prosecutors as Agents of Change 2.0 – Conviction Integrity Units 

Conviction Review Units: A National Perspective

Establishing Conviction Integrity Programs In Prosecutors’ Offices

Internal and External Conviction Integrity Units Help Engender Public Trust and Confidence in the Criminal Justice System1

Conviction Integrity Units Revisited

Friday Plenary Session III

Criminal Justice Reform and the States 

Right On Crime

Friday Plenary V

Mass Incarceration and the First Step Act

Mass Incarceration Testimony - Yarbrough

Mass Incaceration Sentencing Pretrial Detention (ppt)

Mass Incarceration Bills

Mass Incarceration Presentation - Hagan(ppt)