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December 11, 2018

Women in White Collar Subcommittee


The mission of the ABA Women in White Collar Subcommittee(“ABA WIWC”) is to be the national representative of female professionals (including private and public defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and related professionals) who focus their practices in the area of white collar criminal, civil, administrative, and regulatory law.

ABA WIWC will principally seek to advance gender diversity in white collar representation through promoting thought leadership, educational opportunities, and positive publicity to encourage a focus at the national level on the professional excellence and accomplishments of women in the white collar field.


The Women in White Collar Subcommittee (“WIWC”) is looking forward to another year of supporting our members.  The Co-Chairs are planning the following for the upcoming bar year:

·         The WIWC is once again sponsoring and planning the luncheon keynote speaker for the ABA Annual White Collar Institute

·         The WIWC plans to host a virtual webinar on the topic of how to elevate your profile given the current socio-legal environment

·         The WIWC would like to host a substantive panel discussion at one or more ABA conferences next year

·         The WIWC plans to coordinate and collaborate with the Committee on Women in the Profession

The WIWC welcomes any comments from the CJS regarding its upcoming goals.


Co-Chairs: Jennifer Belveal,  Ilene Jaroslaw, Jessica Nall


Elite Lawyers Before the Justices (NYT Letters to Editor)

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