December 11, 2018

Women in White Collar Subcommittee


"Women in White Collar" plenary session at the 2018 White Collar Crime Institute, San Diego, CA


The mission of the ABA Women in White Collar Subcommittee(“ABA WIWC”) is to be the national representative of female professionals (including private and public defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and related professionals) who focus their practices in the area of white collar criminal, civil, administrative, and regulatory law.

ABA WIWC will principally seek to advance gender diversity in white collar representation through promoting thought leadership, educational opportunities, and positive publicity to encourage a focus at the national level on the professional excellence and accomplishments of women in the white collar field.


  1. Continue improvements of website 
  2. Continue to develop programming to meet the needs of our members both on an educational and marketing level.     
  3. Continue to plan and present a stand-alone program at the ABA National Institute on White Collar Crime as well as a Reception 
  4. Continue to make efforts to increase visibility of the committee using social media.  
  5. Work toward strengthening our working relationship with our designated PWC representatives
  6. Increase functionality and productivity of the executive committee.


Co-Chairs: Jennifer Belveal,  Ilene Jaroslaw, Jessica Nall


Corporate Monitorships: The Nuts and Bolts

By Z Scott and Patricia Brown Holms

What advice would you give a young lawyer who is preparing to work with experts for the first time?

By Jennifer Beaudoin, et. al. 

Diversity in the Legal Ranks

By Jennifer Beaudoin and Kate Frost

Chicago special prosecutor's career nearly came to a premature end

By Erin Gordon

Elite Lawyers Before the Justices (NYT Letters to Editor)

Women in Positions of Power

By Nina Marino

The Expanding Use of the Federal False Claims Act to Police Trade and Export Compliance

By Mary Carter Andrues , Kay Georgi and Paul Rigali

Independent Corporate Monitors:  A Company’s Friend or Foe?

By Patricia M. Sulzbach, Clark Hill PLC

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