December 11, 2018

Women in White Collar Subcommittee


The mission of the ABA Women in White Collar Subcommittee(“ABA WIWC”) is to be the national representative of female professionals (including private and public defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and related professionals) who focus their practices in the area of white collar criminal, civil, administrative, and regulatory law.

ABA WIWC will principally seek to advance gender diversity in white collar representation through promoting thought leadership, educational opportunities, and positive publicity to encourage a focus at the national level on the professional excellence and accomplishments of women in the white collar field.

Goals for 2020-2021:

The Women in White Collar Subcommittee is poised to meet the unique challenges of the coming Bar year.  We plan to provide a platform (likely entirely virtual) for members to raise their individual and collective professional profiles.  Our work will include substantive content, as well as networking programs, to augment and highlight the existing strength of our membership.

Women in White Collar wish to undertake the following webinars.


1.    Business development in the pandemic

2.    Mentoring best practices

3.    Time management/work life balance

4.    How to stand out from your colleagues


1.    Top women in white collar

2.    Academics

3.    Psychiatrists

4.    Consultants

The Women in White Collar Subcommittee would like to host a program that focuses on business development in the pandemic.  Rather than “lecture,” the program would bring together panelists who recently have had specific and identifiable successes in the white collar world to discuss the unique challenges presented by the pandemic and how they overcame them.  The panel would analyze specific cases or situations and may include a discussion about the use of technology, creative marketing and branding, and novel legal arguments, which have had a lasting positive impact on clients and have brought personal satisfaction.


Co-Chairs: Jennifer Belveal,  Ilene Jaroslaw, Jessica Nall


Elite Lawyers Before the Justices (NYT Letters to Editor)

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